Our Sun Seeker Products website is an extension of our parent website http://sunseekerglobal.com. It is our goal to provide our followers with a centralized place and brand that offers a wide range of opportunities for personal growth and development, as well as, life enrichment opportunities leading to a high quality, healthy, multi-faceted lifestyle.

We seek to have our followers view our efforts and brand as “community” that offers them the opportunity for engagement with others of a “like-mind” who desire a truly global forum and organization of what we call “Sun Seekers”.

A “Sun Seeker” is someone who is looking for continuous improvement in a well-rounded, holistic lifestyle not only for themselves, but through the ability to share and give to others in a manner where “a rising tide lifts all boats”.

In a world where seeking to “get” as much as possible for one’s self, we seek to create an organization where our participants seek to first “change themselves from within” in order to then gain a level of knowledge, understanding, maturity and wisdom to then center their lives on “giving” and “sharing” with others and with the world. It is self-evident that one cannot teach what you do not understand nor share with others that which you do not personally possess.

The Sun Seekers philosophy of personal development has identified seven broad categories that we believe require individual focus and attention in order to establish and maintain a well-rounded, healthy lifestyle. We seek to offer education, advice from professionals in each category and our own thoughts as a blogger in our attempt to add value to the lives of our readers.

The broad categories that we believe are essential for individual growth and development are as follows:

 Physical fitness and development
 Emotional fitness and development
 Spiritual fitness and development
 Psychological fitness and development
 Mental / Intellectual fitness and development
 Social fitness and development
 Economic fitness and development

It is a foundational tenet of our philosophy that we do not seek to convince, coerce or convert others to our way of thinking. We recognize that none of us have all the answers and that what works for some of us may not work for others.

Our goals are simply to learn what others have done to effectively manage these critical areas of their lives and to, hopefully, allow each of us to take away from their experiences and knowledge some wisdom that we might apply in our own lives.