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Welcome SunSeekers!
Anakena Beach Easter Island

It is our goal to provide our followers with a centralized place and brand that offers a wide range of opportunities for personal growth and development, as well as, life enrichment opportunities leading to a high quality, healthy, multi-faceted lifestyle.

We seek to have our followers view our efforts and brand as "community" that offers them the opportunity for engagement with others of a "like-mind" who desire a truly global forum and organization of what we call "Sun Seekers".

A "Sun Seeker" is someone who is looking for continuous improvement in a well-rounded, holistic lifestyle not only for themselves, but through the ability to share and give to others in a manner where "a rising tide lifts all boats".

Why Does the WebBizFreedom Site Exist?
Simple. Because although we would sometimes like to ignore some realities of life, unfortunately reality has rather nasty ways of reminding us that it does not like to be ignored.

We seek to be a healthy, active lifestyle brand.

It is self-evident that one cannot teach what you do not understand nor share with others that which you do not personally possess.

We believe that building an online business and an income stream that you own is not the "end game", but only a foundation for more holistic personal development. 

A SunSeeker understands that building financial health is only one piece of a much bigger picture. 
Our Philosophy

In a world where seeking to "get" as much as possible for one's self is the norm, we seek to create an organization where our participants seek to first "change themselves from within" in order to then gain a level of knowledge, understanding, maturity and wisdom to then center their lives on "giving" and "sharing" with others and with the world.


For those who seek to gain financial independence, it is truly not an over-simplification to say that there are only two ways to do that. The first is through debt elimination and the second is through increasing your income. This is not rocket science and should be totally apparent to anyone with a fundamental understanding of mathematics and a basic understanding of business. 

Profit = Revenue - Expenses

It looks so simple doesn't it? And, it is. But, for the masses who are never able to truly examine or determine how to make this simple formula work FOR them instead of against them, they inevitably fall victim to those who really do understand how to make this formula work and to take advantage of those who don't.

While there are literally thousands of ways to make more money, the "expenses" side of the equation is far less understood as it applies to the average person. So, we believe as "SunSeekers" ourselves, that it is our job to provide as much focus as we can on those exact methods and tools that we know with as much mathematical certainty as possible can bring financial security to anyone willing to learn and work to apply them consistently.  

As such, on this website, we are going to focus specifically on two methodologies and programs that we know can have a dramatic, life-changing impact for you IF you have a strong enough desire and the discipline to apply them in your life. There are many other recommendations we may offer through our other "SunSeekers" websites, but on this site we are going to focus specifically on the two areas below.